Monthly Archives: May 2013

Here I Go…

*testing, testing *


*clears throat *


Welcome to my blog! And my first blog post. Not sure how good I’ll be at this, I’m not a naturally chatty person.

My first-ever published novella is coming out soon, it is called Heaven, with MLR Press. Got the cover and the release date recently, so thing are getting finalized and it comes out soon—June 7! Super excited! I’ll unveil more about it in an another post.

I finished my story for the M/M Goodreads Group’s Love Has No Boundaries summer  event. Warning upfront: it’s very angsty, lots of sad stuff happening, but I did enjoy writing it and I hope the prompter, Lynn, likes it. I’ll make another entry about it too., including some pics and songs that inspired me.

I wrote both stories back to back in a short amount of time, and I’m so glad they’re both completed and done. I’m going to ease back a bit on the writing now, at least for the summer, get some other things done, catch up on my reading. I will still write this summer, just not with any pressure demands.  They don’t call them the lazy days of summer for nothing, after all. 🙂

Please stay tuned though. I will be posting some interesting and fun stuff leading up to my story releases.


Photo credit: M. Keefe