Letting Go

Letting Go

So the main character of  Sam (and a little bit of the plot) came from the character of Charlie in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I had just seen the movie the night before I saw the prompt. So I have always imagined Sam to look like Logan Lerman, who plays Charlie, the main character in Perks. (when looking up these pics I discovered he’s also in the Percy Jackson movies, if anyone has seen those.)



Nick I didn’t necessarily write with anyone in mind, but I kind of had a type in mind. Found this hottie on Tumblr, he is my Nick.


And these are a couple pics I found before and after writing that I thought was a great visual of them together. *sigh* 🙂

Nick and SamNick and Sam

Music – Several songs popped up on my iPod while writing that just fit the feel and mood of the story so I thought I’d share them. I posted them as teasers on Goodreads, here they are all collected along with a couple extras.

This first song, I heard within minutes of choosing the prompt and it was freaky how well it fits. A beautiful version of the song  by Beth Orton that is both hopeful and haunting.

Other songs:

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